Winterblues? Vitamins in and out of the house. Part #1

by Klaraslife

Yesterday: New Year, long awake!

For the body



Today: 02.01.2018 I want to do something good for myself and my body. So: first a very healthy shake of vegetables and fruits. Carrots, orange, banana, celery, apple and some coconut oil. Later, a whole grain bread with avocado.

Tip: Cutting vegetables and fruits into small pieces relieves the mixer. And use the best room-warm fruits / vegetables to develop the full flavor. Tip of the day: Cuts in the evening, the fruits / vegetables and stored in a closable bowl, it goes faster in the morning.

Then: running shoes on and out of the house. The weather is basically secondary. I need fresh air and Mara is always looking forward to a sporty round through the forest.

Tip: I take a flat route today because I mainly care about the fresh air. The clothes are adapted to the weather and the route length I have chosen deliberately short. (Between 4 km and 8 km)

For the soul

Then: I lie down with a fragrant bath ball in the warm tub. 30 minutes with a warm washcloth on my forehead and listen to my favorite music.

And I’m looking forward to my day spa meeting.

Tip: Book an appointment early and best to midday.

The reason and much more you will learn in Part 2 of our Winter Blues series.

January is always good for a new beginning.

Text: Ramin


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